Construction Estimating Course Online

Participants in the construction estimating course will learn skills and knowledge to estimate construction projects and prepare a successful bid.

The course includes 10 video modules with 8 hours of expert instruction and material.

Cost is $189 plus GST/HST

Education credits

The online construction estimating course is eligible for 2 CCA Gold Seal education credits upon successful completion and 8 BC Housing CPD credits.

Who is this course for?

The course is designed for construction estimators and those with experience in construction that desire to be estimators or improve their knowledge of estimating

What does the construction estimating course cover?

The online construction estimating course includes training on:

  • Analyze projects and decide on which ones to bid
  • Understand risk analysis and how to price this into a bid
  • Do competitor analysis and understand how this impacts the bid
  • Do client risk analysis and how to price this into bids
  • Record material and other prices and maintain contact lists
  • Formulate a bid strategy
  • Understand how to prepare an estimate and the estimating process
  • Become familiar with Construction Division Codes
  • Understand how to present a bid
  • Be familiar with how to use the bid depository and online bidding platforms
  • Understand the requirements for bonding and insurance
  • Understand the post-bidding process
  • Work with project managers to pass on knowledge of the bid