The following Canadian Construction Association Gold Seal courses are currently offered:

  • Construction Law
  • Project Management
  • Construction Estimating
  • Supervisory & Management Skills
  • Construction Business Management
  • Construction Safety for Supervisors
  • Civil Sitework Estimating
  • Communication Skills for Construction
  • Introduction to Blueprint Reading
  • Site Surveying 101
  • Change Order Management
  • Civil Blueprint Reading
  • Ethical Best Practices
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Construction Law

Construction owners, managers, estimators and supervisors will develop an understanding of contract law as it relates to construction and the various CCDC/CCA and other contracts used within the industry. Participants also learn how the Builders Lien Act works and other legal means to resolve construction disputes and avoid litigation.
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Project Management

Construction owners, project managers, estimators, supervisors and staff learn how to successfully manage a complex construction project. They will gain an understanding of project process and the constraints encountered by project managers. (PMBoK 5th Edition approach).
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Construction Estimating

Designed for construction estimators and those with experience in construction who want to become estimators or improve their knowledge of estimating. Participants learn how to estimate construction projects and prepare a successful bid.
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Supervisory & Management Skills

Construction supervisors and leaders will develop an understanding of how to manage people in a construction context. Participants will improve their skills in leadership, communication and enhance their ability to build a collaborative team culture.
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Construction Business Management

Construction owners, managers, estimators, supervisors and staff will learn how to improve management and systems of their construction company. Specifically how to do strategic and business planning in construction including marketing, HR management, operations and financial planning.
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Construction Safety for Supervisors

Participants learn the fundamentals for building a safe workplace appropriate for their construction company and become familiar with WorkSafe regulations and Certificate of Recognition audit requirements. They also build practical skills to supervise construction worksites, conduct toolbox talks, provide health and safety training, conduct regular safety inspections, and, if an accident occurs, a safety investigation. Participants learn the legal and practical obligations of a prime contractor and how to show due diligence.
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Introduction to Blueprint Reading

Students will learn how to read construction blueprints, using both residential and commercial samples. Participants advance through the phases of blueprint reading in order to understand drawings, specifications and do a simple material takeoff.
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Site Surveying 101

Site Surveying 101 – introduction to leveling course is designed for construction personnel interested in learning skills and principals to successfully run level loops, transfer and establish benchmarks on construction sites, and determine the elevations of objects independently and/or relative to each other. All equipment for field work exercises are provided.
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Communication Skills for Construction

Great communication is essential for construction leaders. This course is designed specifically for a construction context and assists participants to learn how to improve their listening, speaking and writing skills as construction leaders..
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Change Order Management

Changes are an inevitable part of construction projects. Change orders can cause unnecessary project disruptions and lead to cost increases and schedule delays. This course will provide participants with best practices for successfully dealing with project changes.
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Civil Sitework Estimating

The course is designed for those interested in becoming civil sitework estimators and for workers with experience in construction that desire to improve their knowledge of sitework estimating.
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Civil Blueprint Reading

This is a one day course to learn how to read a set of civil construction blueprints, drawing specifications and general notes. Using various samples of civil sitework blueprints, participants will gain experience and practical knowledge for their day-to-day work on construction sitework projects.
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Ethical Best Practices Course

Ethical Best Practices

Ethical Best Practices for Constructors is designed for all staff interested in learning the skills and principles to successfully operate ethically within the construction industry. Using case studies of ethical scenarios, participants will learn best practice standards for construction companies and how to operate ethically.
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We work closely with industry associations and alliance partners in providing the very best curriculum that meets the learning styles of construction managers and staff.

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"Having taken several Gold Seal courses from Tim and his team, I can say without hesitation that all the courses delivered on their objectives fully. The courses were both educational and engaging. As a Superintendent in the construction industry I was able to implement the knowledge I gained from the courses immediately in the workplace with obvious results. The tools I added to my repertoire help me every day at work from estimating to contract management to interacting with employees and owners. I am proud to say that the courses and exam prep from BGC fully prepared me for my successful writing of the Superintendent Gold Seal Certification exam. I highly recommend BGC courses not only for those interested in Gold Seal Certification but also for anyone looking for continuing vocational education."
Mike Gash, GSC
Flatiron Constructors Canada Limited

"Recently we had the pleasure of utilizing the expertise of BGC Partners with our employee training program. Their curriculum is relevant, up-to-date and easily assimilated into the construction environment. In particular, Tim Williams’ presentation was vibrant and kept each of our 15 employees engaged throughout the full-day workshop. Each participant enthusiastically gained skills that are applicable to a collaborative team culture with co-workers as well as outside of the work environment. We would not hesitate to recommend their valued training services to the construction industry."
Jacob Kuehne, GSC
Director, Vanguard Mechanical Ltd

"My first experience with BGC came through the Construction Law Course. Tim is a fantastic presenter – he presented the material in an interesting and relevant way. His knowledge of the industry and the real world references he made throughout the presentation were invaluable. The information and real world experience made the course interesting, and memorable. Tim welcomed questions, and discussion around topics to make sure all involved understood the concepts and how they could apply to various situations.
I have recommended this course to a number of other people because of the content and the provider. Tim was an invaluable resource for helping me write the Project Management Gold Seal exam. He made sure that I understood what would be asked of me during the exam, and ways to approach the exam. Tim’s assistance and patience was an invaluable tool and definitely contributed to my success in writing the Gold Seal Exam. I highly recommend his services."
Charles Baverstock GSC
President - Stonebridge Operations Inc


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